digital future

a convergence of people, things, technology, intelligence and value


To drive deserving projects in emerging fields of technology that deliver advancement and can play a part in moving us all into our inevitable technological tomorrow.


Doing this successfully whilst being mindful and aware of the risks to human wellbeing if changes are not well managed, is a delicate development pathway which needs to be navigated.

We support ethical technological development which aims to bring positive benefits to our global society.



venturing to a place that has yet to exist.

working today for tomorrow

Advancing a preventative model in health care

through hemodynamic analysis



personal robot assistants and voice activated interfaces to improve the quality of life for those needing close-support or facing challenges with personal mobility.

extending human reach and understanding beyond our planet

Developing new propulsion systems and satellite launch solutions to meet challenges of today's push into space and working to keep space assets both accessible and safe

Who and What

Digital Future... an Avex Technology initiative

Who is behind Digital Future?

Avex Technology

Avex Technology is a private company operating from the DIFC Innovation Hub in Dubai. This initiative is an expression of a committed team seeking to bring to life and nurture tech ideas, start-ups and projects working in the 'future technology' sector that can potentially have real impact.

What is Digital Future?

A cluster of impactful projects

The Digital Future team is deeply engaged in supporting projects that bring significant benefit to the global society through advanced technological innovation:

- Software tools for a new global 'health-preservation' care model (Avex Medical Sciences)

- Solutions to meet some of the challenges of human journeying into space, mastering the many opportunities and tackling the dangers presented by space-debris (Kozmoz Space Solutions)

- Developing robotic assistants and mobility aids for those who need help in their daily lives and also introducing meta-amusements for next generation entertainment (Modarma)



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